Vin Diesel Was the ‘Unprofessional Candy Ass’ The Rock Was Talking About

The Rock cut a promo the other day calling out an unnamed cast member on the set of Fast 8 who he deemed unprofessional and a candy ass. People speculated about which male cast member was the little bitch that The Rock was talking about. Turns out it was Vin Diesel. That… makes perfect sense.

TMZ reports that the Vin, being a producer, made decisions that The Rock wasn’t happy with. It got so bad that the two had to have a sit-down on set in Atlanta on Tuesday to hash everything out. No word on if steel chairs were involved or if they needed to be. The Rock is a massive mountain of a man. Vin Diesel is a bloated shell of his former.

I’m pretty sure the beef was squashed when The Rock raised his open palm in the air like he was about to hit Vin and Vin flinched. That’s how us men settle our differences. With the threat of violence. *Pounds chest* *Clutches bruised chest* *Slinks away*

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7 years ago

we men