You’ll Have To Actually See ‘Suicide Squad’ If You Want To See Margot Robbie’s Butt

What does a girl have to do to stop hearing about Suicide Squad? Delete the internet? Switch planets? Leave the universe altogether?

Since none of these things appear to be options in 2016, I’m going to follow Suicide Squad as closely as I possibly can until this fucking disaster of a concept fizzles out. Next up on the block of all things Suicide Squad, we’ll have some more Margot Robbie.

Robbie’s Harley Quinn has been openly criticized with its hyper sexualization and glamorization of abusive relationships, so much so that modern American television has explored further censorship of the August Vanity Fair cover girl‘s cheeky bums. Photoshop is afoot! Digital media’s most sinister force of nature! In two trailers, the first having debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and the second part of American television promotion, there is a distinct difference in the coverage of Quinn’s hot shorts in one particular scene.

See for yourself at the 20 second mark here:

And the 3-minute mark here:

Only thing American tv got right here:

The world is in no way worthy of Margot Robbie’s butts. We have enough religious iconoclasm.

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