Amber Rose Misses the Pole

Stripping gets a bad wrap. We’re told stories of dressing rooms filled with the drug-addled dancers (because the only way you could want to use your body for money is if you’re hopped up on drugs), abusive men lying in wait around every corner and just all kinds of counterintuitive rhetoric that goes against creating more safe spaces for women.

But leave it to Drake, Blac Chyna and Amber Rose and strippers will get a good name yet. On an episode of the Loveline reboot, Loveline with Amber Rose, Amber invited best friend and fellow former-stripper, Blac Chyna to discuss some of the misconceptions and double standards of stripping. You can listen for yourself, but despite the convention wisdom on the perils of stripping, Amber misses it.

Mind you [it was] the best f***ing time of my life,

Blac Chyna expressed her agreement, but Amber continued:

Miss the pole. Got a pole in my f***ing house. Getting drunk before you go out there – it was a whole moment.

When your job is to party… you’re probably going to have a good time.

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5 years ago

Ugly and even Uglier……if that is even possible! YUCK! :(

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