Canadian Money Is So Canadian It Smells of Canadian Maple Syrup

Ahhh, so you’re thinking about a move to Canada, eh? But you’re thinking… what if it smells differently there? If you want to be able to smell the difference between Canada and the United States, all you have to do is go to your local currency exchange to pick up a Canadian $100 bill. Bring that s**t to your nose and smell. Now smell your American $100. Ew, right?

According to comment from Dale Alexander, a senior consult at the Bank of Canada, it’s a sheer coincidence. They haven’t added any kind of scent, but… Canadians moisturize with maple syrup, right? Everything just smells like maple syrup?

Move to Canada. Just accept maple syrup for what it is.

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7 years ago

That is a picture of the old bills. It is only the new $100 bills that smell like maple syrup. The mint insists that they don’t, but when you get a whole till full it’s unmistakable.