Canadian Teacher Suspended for Saying the Kind of Shit to Students That’s Too Stupid for Bad Pornos

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson has been saying really weird shit to her 10-12th grade students at Dunnville Secondary School in Ontario, Canada. Not even like sexy shit. I mean, I think she’s trying, but I can’t tell. What is it with all these horny weird teachers?

First off, this gross bitch looks like some kinda sunburned turnip.

Second, she says weird fucking shit constantly. She recently told a student “lick me where I fart.” She regularly calls kids pedophiles, says “fuck you” to them, and even makes the kind of jokes your weird uncle makes every year at Thanksgiving. I’m talking “It’s debate, not masturbate.”

She insults her female students when she doesn’t like their outfits, and after seeing two male students wrestling outside her classroom looked at one of them and went “so, you like it from behind?”

This chick either needs to be fired or given her own tv show ASAP.

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