Corey Feldman’s Performance on ‘Today’ Was Something Else

Corey Feldman has been trying to be a musician forever but he finally got his big break when Today invited him to perform. Boy… did he really make the most of it. Dressed like Michael Jackson and performing in front of a band of angels, Feldman dabbed and did his best third-rate Michael Jackson dance moves. It was like watching kids at an 8th grade dance.

See? This is what happens when you give an audience and money to someone who is actually really terrible and has no talent. Can someone at least get Corey Feldman a choreographer? Can we start a GoFundMe for that? Him dancing up there makes my soul shrivel and die from secondhand embarrassment.

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7 years ago

I am embarrassed for him! ;)

7 years ago

come on I have seen much worse on the top of the fake paid for billboard “charts”-I would watch totally sincere Corey Feldman over a fake photo edited stripper video of MeMe the annoying whale who self proclaims to be the best singer of all time on anyday-I think what we should be seeing here is Corey’s shining heart in spite of the things that have happened to him in Hollyweird-his attitude is wonderful and his messages in his songs are very positive-I am not into techno so much but it is Corey’s light that makes this entertaining