Dani Mathers Is Going To Face Charges For Being A Cunt

Sometimes I forget that not every child went to summer camp at the JCC in my hometown where the women were so fat and insecure that the locker room was speckled with phones are illegal in the locker room. But because I did, I was perfectly conditioned to be a not shitty person in a very specific area of my life. Rule: Do not take photos (or even think about checking the time) in the locker room.

I’ve yelled at friends in the gym for taking snapchats in the locker room and I wouldn’t have hesitated to yell at Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers for doing the same thing. And now that it’s likely that she’ll face charges for that brutal snapchat footage. TMZ’s trusted sources say the cops want to make an example out of Mathers and now have the leverage to do so with the pictured woman in their court.

The L.A. City Attorney is reviewing the case and will make the final call.

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