Desiigner Arrested For Having Too Good Of A Time

Desiigner has had his best year yet so naturally, it’s time for the kid to catch some flack from the karmic universe. We keep things in balance here. You can’t just save the pandas and expect life to continue to go your way.

So when you get a little cocky about how well things are going, the NYPD will be there to slow down your good time. The 19-year-old with a Kanye West feature has reportedly been involved in a road-rage induced incident in his hometown. When Desiigner and another driver got into a screaming match, Desiigner allegedly pulled a gun and sped off before the other driver could call the police.

But lucky for the other driver, he took down Desiigner’s SUV license plate and the police were able to catch up with the rapper and his five fellow passengers a short time after. It was during the search that the real fun got started.

Found with a loaded weapon and a ‘large quantity of loose pills,’ the Panda rapper will face felony weapons charges in addition to criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell.

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