How Snoop Dogg is Getting Rich Off Pot

It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg has been killing the weed game since 1993. Martha Stewart might as well change her name to Mary Jane and embark on an excursion to rebrand because she could be missing out on a huge opportunity if she takes any advice from BFF, Snoop Dogg.

But while all of us have had those nights of listening to Doggystyle, I’m not sure how much us stoners truly understand the mind of the mogul. That is–Snoop has been cashing in every bit of the way with marijuana legalization. Talking to Variety, the gangsta rapper details:

As a long-time connoisseur and cannabis expert, I knew it was time to give my people what they wanted — something they can trust.

So he started a business. But not just any business. The mogul launched a full-out capital venture complete with new media portal and his very own line of cannabis products named Leafs by Snoop (reminiscent of Beats by Dre, anyone?).

Enjoying Leafs is like smoking with me — the D-O-double G — and I’m proud to finally share what that experience is. All the flowers and extracts from Leafs were hand-picked by yours truly.

Snoop has built himself an empire curated carefully by the cannabis connoisseur himself. And all you gotta do to get ahold of it (if you’re not lucky enough to live in a recreationally legal state) is devote your time to unilateral marijuana legalization or find a friend out West with enough adrenaline to risk mailing you some samples.

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