‘Ghost In The Shell’ Has Its Issues, but It Doesn’t Mean It Will be a Bad Movie

A good movie can still be problematic as hell. You remember when I got pissed off when Scarlett Johansson was cast as a traditionally Asian character in an upcoming adaption of the famed manga, Ghost in the Shell. Well, still pissed, but with the movie destined for release… I’m gonna check it out.

The first trailer has been released. Everything looks dope. See it in theaters March 2017.

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Perry de Havilland
5 years ago

I am not a great fan of Johansson but I do like GitS, so I will certainly see this. But this whole “problematic” stuff is hilarious. So what? The makers of the movie want it to make money: it is called show BUSINESS for a reason… and which Japanese female star has significant box office pull in the US or Europe? Can you name one? Personally I cannot name *any* female Japanese female movie star of about the right age, let alone a popular one. Akira Kurosawa made a Japanese version of Macbeth (Throne of Blood) and I am pretty… Read more »

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