Gigi Hadid Got Grabbed In Milan And Would Have Beat The S**t Out Of The Dude If No One Held Her Back

I know that all women are asking for it and everything, especially if they have the nerve to be like really hot or something, but it’s always a delight to watch everybody laugh it up whenever some mouth breather gets handsy or straight out evil with a high profile woman.

Good for Gigi Hadid. She elbows this dude in the face when he picks her up out of nowhere and would have chased him down the street if the people escorting her out of her show in Milan hadn’t held her back.

I hope they all are fucking fired.

The dude was apparently ‘serial prankster’ (yeah that’s how it’s being spun), Vitalii Sediuk, who has the sense of humor of one of those YouTubers that gets caught emotionally manipulating their 14 year old fans into sending them nudes.

Check out the video below.

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