Good Job Everyone, Lil Wayne Says Racism Is Over

Just because Lil Wayne is a rich celebrity and everyone is sucking his dick, he thinks that means that institutional racism is over, which is kinda adorable I guess.

You know, adorable in the same way kids who eat their own snot because they don’t know s**t is adorable, I guess.

He came by the sports show Undisputed to drop some gems about how cool young white kids listening to his music means racism is over. I guess he never heard about blues or jazz, which cool white kids also liked while being racist shitbags that wouldn’t drink out of the same water fountain as a black dude.

While talking about the crowd one of his recent shows being all white, he had this to say:

I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism. My crowd has always been everybody.

White people ain’t everybody. He also says he’s never dealt with racism ever, which I doubt honestly.

“I have never…never’s a strong word. I have never, never dealt with racism and I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Check out his interview below.

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