Hey England! Where’s Your Vagina?

I’m so sorry England, but your women take an L on this one. According to Eve Appeal, a gynecological cancer charity (they are against cancer I assume?), half of England’s women can’t find the vagina on one of those female reproductive organ charts. You know, the ones they put on the wall in school? Haha, I’m imagining a kid with no Internet facing these charts on the wall and jacking off. Anyway.

Of 1,000 women surveyed, only half could locate the vagina on medical diagrams of the female reproductive organs, and less than a third could correctly label six different parts.

Sad. Even I can point out where the vagina is. That’s where the nickels come out. Also, there are six different parts? Hell, I really didn’t know that, I just smash. No…no I don’t. I’m a virgin.

Old English women are the worst at pointing out a vagina.

Those aged over 65 had the least knowledge. Less than one in four women in this age group could correctly label the female anatomy.


[Image: Flickr/Flood G]

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