Internet Rages Over Whether Hot Fourth Grade Teacher’s Outfits Are Too Sexy

Let a bitch wear what she wants to wear internet. F**k off.

Patrice Brown, or #TeacherBae as she has come to be known as, is a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta whose classroom selfies have gone viral.

For one thing, she is fine as hell.

For another thing, what she wants to wear isn’t any of y’all’s business.

We have a lot of tweets like this:

And this:

And this:

So, what was #TeacherBae wearing? Take a look.

Damn. How can y’all be so full of hate and arguments when there is so much beauty in the world?

I have to say, if some pasty curveless potato standard looking teacher human wore any of that s**t no one would care.


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7 years ago

Why are they trying to make this about race? Hot women with sexy bodies deal with this crap, regardless of color…

“If a Black woman has a curvy body she’s immediately judged and sexualized for something she has no control over”

How ANY person can try to victimize black women over such a thing is just ridiculous. This stuff is getting OLD. Much better things to use social media for than endless faux outrage.