James Franco Will Never Get Over His Third Grade Bully

James Franco is the kinda guy that will smile at you from across the way but still talk about that grudge he holds from 3rd grade. At the premier of his new pretentious f**k festGoat, a film about hazing at college, Franco found himself unable to focus. Bullying and hazing are loosely similar practices and Franco got caught up.

Mark Douglas

Franco looked vacantly into space. He had flashbacks.

He pushed me into a bush. I didn’t have an older brother, but one of my neighbors was older and he walked me home for a while.

I can’t believe someone had the NERVE to push a future B-list star into the bushes! Unforgivable.

But as he moved on from his PTSD, he didn’t leave his own world. Eating a salad we’re taught once again, this is James Franco’s world; we’re all just living in it.

Once the lights dimmed, he was eating a salad from Whole Foods and washing it down with beer. He tried keeping the crinkling of food to a minimum, cackling at his scenes between bites.

To no avail. James Franco has no manners.

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7 years ago

When I saw this article I was excited to about someone who has had an interesting career and is one of the greatest actors working. However, this article depicts the trash that’s emerged recently online with respect to public people. Cowardly journalism actually believes that actors and celebutantes are just fictional characters in the guise of a photograph and a prada bag -not actual human beings. This malicious energy destroys and dehumanizes people simply because they have talent and because envy is the domain of gossip. In the end spreading this destructive energy is harmful to everyone. Personally I think… Read more »