Jared Leto Set to Ruin Andy Warhol’s Legacy in Upcoming Biopic

For some reason completely foreign to me, Jared Leto is still getting acting jobs. Next up on the docket… Jared Leto as Andy Warhol. THR has the balls to call this the role that Leto was born to play and I have the balls to tell you to shut the f**k up.

Sometime at some point, Leto dreamt up the idea to play another character he has no business bastardizing for his own prestige. Writer and producer, Michael De Luca decided to placate this desire and signed on to the project, likely before he knew the disastrous tendencies of the Leto. And at this point it’s looking like if Leto wants to be in a movie at all, he’s going to have to do it all himself.

Warhol has all the right parts and all the right clichés to make someone like Leto latch on to the idea.  It sounds good on paper, but unless writer Terence Winter (best known for Boardwalk Empire and Wolf of Wall Street) can corral all of Leto’s personalities into a succinct character, this thing is going to be the biggest s**t show since Suicide Squad.

The movie will be based off of Victor Bockris’ 1989 biography, Warhol, so if you care at all what Warhol’s actual life might have looked like before Leto sought to destroy it, read that.

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