Jim Carrey Being Sued for a Death He Had Nothing To Do With

Jim Carrey is a sad man. Everyone’s always trying to make him sadder.

About a year ago, Jim Carrey’s kinda-girlfriend, Cathriona White, killed herself using his pills. Common consensus has dictated that White had taken the pills from Carrey’s home without his permission. According to People there were even text messages on White’s phone from Carrey asking where the pills were, these were then retrieved by the medical examiner.

But now, White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton is claiming wrongful death, that is, Carrey irresponsibly gave White his drugs knowing full well that she might intend to harm herself going so far as to suggest the texts recovered were part of a larger cover up. Put your tinfoil hats on people because if this goes to trial, it could be a bumpy ride.

While it looks like Carrey has a pretty good shot at not being held responsible, this kind of thing is terrible publicity. The theory here is that Burton is going after the actor in a type of ‘legal extortion practice’ knowing that with this kind of attention, Carrey’s entire image could be jeopardized. So what is he hoping happens? Carrey settles. Burton gets a pay day. And maybe as of consequence, we get to talk about suicide more.

Sorry she died. More sorry that there are assholes around here to profit off it.

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