Katy Perry Has an Amazing Twitter Account, but We Just Noticed

Katy Perry isn’t talked about enough. We don’t realize how amazing she is. How #relatable her branding has become. We’re not tuned in! So if you haven’t already, give KTP a follow on Twitter because I think we’re in for a more active persona.

Saturday night, KT found herself in the position I must often find myself in on Saturday nights. A little too sober to be getting so little attention. So she turned to the Internet for fun. The result was amazing. Just scroll.

And for anyone who’s hoping for a Taylor Swift – Katy Perry reconciliation:

When fans accused her of drunk tweeting, Katy didn’t miss a beat:

I have been always been this way. Check the timeline.

And sure enough, you owe it to yourself to look. Why have we spent all this time sorting through Demi Lovato’s tweet storms when there was gold right under our nose?


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