Has Michael Jackson’s Daughter Secretly Married a Pizza Delivery Guy?

Paris Jackson is taking young love to the next level.

According to Page Six, apparently the 18-year-old and her pizza delivery bae, Michael Snoddy, have moved into the L.A. mansion where MJ, her famous and really weird dad, recorded famous hits like “Billie Jean” and “Beat It”.

Sources say they have adopted a dog named Koa and gotten married in secret. Snoddy has been flashing a gold band on his finger all over his Instagram. Sources say he’s even quit his job at D’Amore’s Pizza in Malibu, CA.

“Michael [Snoddy] quit his job around July and they moved into the house where Michael [Jackson] grew up. Now they’re trying to do this happy family thing. They refer to themselves as a family a lot.”

I bet Snoddy is loving living off Paris Jackson‘s $8 million a year allowance. Sounds like love to me.

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7 years ago

So she has to date a success-object for her relationship to be valid? Unless she’s dating someone equally wealthy her relationship has no value?

7 years ago

I know, right!?!?!?! I know everyone’s first thought is oh, he’s a gold-digger just after her !oney, and she’s just dating beneath her to rebel. And maybe they’re right, but just maybe, they are together because they are in love. It could happen, ya know. I hope they are totally in love and are very happy together for many years.