That One Time Margot Robbie Almost Picked Up a Minor

It happens.

During a recent interview with Elle, Margot Robbie talked about accidentally almost picking up a high school boy on the set of her latest Calvin Klein ad.

Her bad for thinking a male model is an actual adult. Mark Jacobs and friends are a step away from casting stillborn children to wear their fork dresses.

“I was chatting with them at one point, and I could tell I was starting to flirt with them. I said to one of the guys, “What are you doing after this?” and he says, “Well, I’ve got to go back to school.” And I was like, “Oh, cool! College?” No. Not college. [High] school. I thought, “Oh. My. God. You’re 17 years old!”

Margot Robbie is only 26, but in entertainment business years that’s like 62. For women it’s cremation age.

At least she didn’t really end up taking baby sitting too literally, though she said it was weird running into somebody so young.

“So many of my friends are older, and the people I work with are older. I guess I’ve gotten used to hearing people say, “Oh, you’re so young,” even though I never really agreed with that. Now I get their perspective. And it does feel bizarre, having someone in your work space who’s so much younger than you.”

It’s ok, just go home and have another beer shower. Shake it off.

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