Patton Oswalt Just Handed Martin Shkreli His Ass on Twitter

Remember that dude that hiked up the price of a life-saving AIDS medication, only to use his YouTube channel to try to f**k high school girls during his free time?

That guy came at Patton Oswalt on Twitter today.

It started with this tweet, which Shkreli for some reason wanted to fight him over?

Of course, it didn’t go well for one corporate shitbag.

Just why? This is some high school s**t. This is the man that’s gonna get to kill millions of people and make bank off it?

I want to feel a lot more triumphant about this, but the point remains that this guy gets to swim in a pool of money propped up on dead bodies. I guess it’s cool a comedian made fun of him on Twitter though.

The real star here is Katie Keurig. Nice one.


Did he go to rich kid bad insult school with Donald Trump? What is this?

I don’t know what this means and I don’t care to. When can we throw this man-shaped bag of pharmaceutical waste into the ocean like we do with the rest of it?

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