Portuguese Man Spent 43 Years in a Wheelchair on Wrong Diagnosis

Rufino Borrego is learning how to walk again after spending 43 years in a wheelchair based on a doctor’s fuck up. The Jornal de Noticias reported that, at 13, Borrego was diagnosed with incurable muscular dystrophy at a Lisbon hospital.

This dude spent over 40 years in a wheelchair before another doctor, in 2010, realized he had a different disease entirely. The entire time Borrego was wheelchair bound he actually had myasthenia, which can actually be treated with asthma medication.

Holy shit.

At 61, Borrego has learned how to walk and is enjoying it for the first time since he was a child. The original hospital is lucky that he’s not using his new improved legs to go on a Tarantino style killing spree and just wants to use his legs to have a good time. Since myasthenia was almost unheard of in the medical field when he was diagnosed in the 60s, I guess I can see why he’s not revenge spree-ing it up.

[H/T Luremburger Wort]

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