Selena Gomez Enters Rehab for Loving Justin Bieber Too Much

Wanting to get better is a weird motivation to me. Ok, maybe not wanting to get better, but the actually getting better part. How do you decide it’s time to get better? Where do you even get the energy?

My questions are you, @selenagomez. I wanna know. You’ve checked yourself into a top rehab facility on the East Coast and now you’re hitting the ground running. You canceled your tour. You haven’t been on social media. And my question is how? Sources close to the 24-year-old claim that after cancelling the last leg of her “The Revival” tour in late August, the singer has switched gears and “is going to extraordinary lengths to get her life back on track.”

She needs to be in the proper condition to make money! I get it now. She has money. She needs to make more money. She’ll do anything for that. Even if it means ceasing to exist for a little while. Going to the ends of the earth:

The facility is a women’s only facility in a secluded wooded area. She’s staying for more than 60 days.

But if you’re like me, don’t get any ideas. You can’t take a vacation to the psyche ward and you can’t just check in at the same facility as Selena Gomez. RadarOnline reports that security has been beefed up just for the star.

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