‘South Park’ Tackled Colin Kaepernick and JJ Abrams and It Was Great

South Park, which is surprisingly still on TV, tackled the Colin Kaepernick national anthem deal and JJ Abrams in one shot on their last episode.

JJ Abrams, the overrated content aggregator of the film world, is brought in to fix everything by ‘fixing’ the national anthem. In his vision, you can honor America in any position you want, which throws Kaepernick and Mr Garrison’s protest off.

Honestly, I’m really torn here. I stand by Colin Kaepernick, but I have been waiting for somebody to take the piss out of JJ Abrams for 10 years. Anybody remember the ending of Lost? Anybody remember how he keeps getting all up in beloved franchises by changing minor details of the original and acting like he did something?

F**k JJ Abrams.

Of course this all goes down to the elementary school level, where s**t gets really intense. With Randy actually betting on whether a black elementary school athlete will sit or stand for the national anthem.

Check out the clip below.

[H/T Uproxx]

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7 years ago

You are one triggered little girl.