Survivors of the Aurora Massacre Now Legally Owe Cinemark Theaters $700K

Y’all remember that shooting in the Aurora, CO theater where a dude dressed up as the Joker gunned down 12 people and injured 70 more during a premier of The Dark Knight Rises? While that dude’s in jail forever, the American justice system still isn’t done fucking with the survivors.

Survivors said that back in 2012 Cinemark’s lack of security led to the tragedy and sued. The theater chain filed a countersuit claiming that these people should have to pay the $700K in fees and a Los Angeles judge just ruled in their favor.

According to Uproxx, now these people who got shot at and had to watch their friends die owe the people who own the place where it happened more money than any of us will probably ever see in our lives.

So, who is also never going to a Cinemark theater ever again? Raise your hand.

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