Taylor Swift Has a Bad Feeling About Tom Hiddleston

It seems like there might be trouble in PR paradise. Whether you’re forced together by the pathological need to accrue millions and millions of dollars or by someone convinced that love is still real, disagreements happen.

In the three months since Hiddleswift was conceived, we haven’t heard all that much from Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. At the start of Taylor Swift’s six thousandth happily ever after, we were on pace for a new couple tidbit everyday. But now it seems like there are differences in how publicity should be handled in the future. A source close to the couple shares:

Tom wants their relationship to be public, even asking Taylor to go to the Emmys with him, but Taylor wants to keep her private life private.

Why do I feel like it’s the other way around and Taylor’s management has just gotten lazy on the spin? Taylor is posturing for the whole independent woman i don’t need a man schtick:

She tried to be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons. Taylor is an independent young woman and doesn’t feel like she needs a boyfriend to make her feel complete.

They’re gonna break up and the album will be all about the enlightenment she gained from her time with a human nightmare. There haven’t been any photos since July, but I wouldn’t fear too much. Taylor is good as dead after Kim slayed that dragon.

Taylor has to lay low, it’s as simple as that. Publicity after this burn will set her aflame.

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