Tim Gunn Destroyed Kanye West’s Fashion Show

Tim Gunn has everything except time for Kanye West‘s s**t.

On Access Hollywood, Gunn recently went off when asked about his opinion on Yeezy’s new collection.

I’m totally perplexed about why the fashion industry has not looked at these frankly dumb, basic clothes and cried, “Hoax! Hoax!” I mean Kanye West is a sphinx without a riddle. I just don’t understand why people are so in awe. I mean look at this, they’re basically stretch undergarments.

Oh s**t, Tim. Go awwwwwf.

When asked if anyone is actually buying into Kanye’s $9000 K-Mart Spanx aesthetic, he had this to say.

I think the only thing dumber than these clothes would be the people who buy these clothes.

Bless you, Tim Gunn. My favorite Kimye anti-fan.

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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