Tom Hiddleston Thinks He’s Gonna Win an Emmy, Everybody Wants to Know If He’s Gonna Thank Taylor Swift

I don’t know, is she gonna thank him when her juvenile and pissy breakup album about him gets her some awards in a year or two?

Tom Hiddleston got his first ever Emmy nod for his role in The Night Manager. Sources close to him told Hollywood Life that he’s basically already decided that he’s won it.

 “He is expecting to win. He can’t wait, its like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!”

Somebody is countin’ their chickens over there.

But, Tom is worried that everyone will only be interested in his recent split with Taylor Swift. Our source explained, “He knows that people are going to ask him the Taylor question throughout the night, but he is putting his focus on the night and the possibilities that could come from it.”

Yeah, obviously. His and Taylor’s relationship was a PR stunt. He’s fine.

The source also said that there’s “not a chance in hell” he is gonna thank Taylor for s**t, which is fine by me. I’m ready for this charade to end and the next one to start, already.

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