Trump’s Second Wife Says They Made Out While She Gave Birth to Their Daughter

In case you forgot about her too, Trump’s sidepiece turned second wife, Marla Maples, had a really weird time being married to Donald Trump. In a 1995 episode of Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait, she went on about taking a spiritual hippie bullshit approach to giving birth to their daughter Tiffany.

What does that mean exactly? Instead of drugs they just blew patchouli dust in her face and played Enya. The Daily Beast let Trump’s opinion on all that nonsense be known.

“I was very nervous, because she was in a lot of pain,” Donald said in an uncharacteristically human moment following Tiffany’s birth. “I tried to convince her to take something, but she wouldn’t. I asked the doctor to convince her, but he knew Marla was determined not to take any drugs. She’s so strong, such a strong woman. I’m amazed.”

Considering she wouldn’t do what he wanted, Trump took matters into his own shrimp-fingered hands and did the only thing he could do, which was kiss her a lot.

While most men hide in the waiting room clinging onto their overpriced hospital sodas like a bunch of bitches, Trump was actually doing something…not awful? And, like, supportive?


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