Vin Diesel Wants to CGI Paul Walker Into the Fast and Furious Sequels

How long until all the actors are out of work because everything is just CGI?

A new ET report suggests that Vin Diesel wants CGI Paul Walker on tap for future Fast And Furious films. Isn’t it kinda fucked up to put a CGI rendering of a dead guy who died in a fiery car accident in a bunch of car racing movies? I don’t know.

In the 2015 one they used his brothers as stand-ins and used CGI to slap his face on them, so I guess it doesn’t matter. This was pretty much the next logical step. Get ready for a world of CGI robot actors, kids.

While CGI has come a long way, I think we are still way off from a 100% fake Paul Walker looking legit. It’s probably only a matter of time, honestly. We’ll have all the fake Paul Walkers and faintly Japanese Scarlett Johanssons we could ever dream of.

[H/T Death And Taxes]

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7 years ago

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