Watch Brody Jenner’s Temper Tantrum Vs The Laguna Cliffs Marriott

Brody Jenner went on a real pissbaby kinda war with the ritzy Laguna Cliffs Marriott after he flipped out on two staffers who asked him to leave his room. Security guards and eventually the police were called to make him chill out.

Apparently all because of a dumb misunderstanding.

From TMZ:

He wanted to be let into his manager’s room to grab some personal items.

When the hotel said that wasn’t allowed, Brody got angry. We’re told he was actually pissed about the situation, and at his manager. However, the hotel staffer thought Brody was going off on them … and sent security to kick him out.

We’re told Brody says they entered without knocking, and that was the last straw for him.

Wow. An even more basic Jenner.

Check out the video of his freak out below.

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