Watch Community College Football Player KO Referee

Refereeing is getting dangerous. Mount San Antonio College played a football game against Ventura College on Saturday night. At the end of one play, Mount San Antonio College offensive lineman Bernard Schirmer kept jawing at someone on the other team. One poor ref stepped in to break it up and pushed Schirmer away, which is good for Mount San Antonio College. Avoid those penalties.

All was good and well until Schirmer clocked the ref in the head. Watch the video. The next thing you see is the ref laid out like one of those frogs waiting to be dissected.

Schirmer was ejected as a result (duh) and later arrested on suspicion of battery of a game official.

The Ventura County Star reports:

“I shook his hand when he was coming off and I asked him if he was OK,” Ventura College head coach Steve Mooshagian said. “He looked like he was a little drowsy.”

Gee, ya think?

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