Yeah, Somebody Really Made a 9/11 Themed Mattress Commercial

Yes, Miracle Mattress in San Antonio, Texas, is really using the anniversary of the defining tragedy of our time to make their latest mattress sale pop.

Unfortunately, I am zero percent fucking with you.

Look at this.

This ad has pretty much been unanimously dubbed the most offensive ad of all time. Miracle Mattress is gonna need a miracle if they want to stay the fuck open. This is the kind of PR nightmare Donald Trump‘s camp wouldn’t even touch. They issued an apology on their Facebook page, and despite saying they’ll donate 30% of the weekend’s proceeds to the 9/11 Foundation, they have pretty much become public enemy number one of the internet.

They will probs be donating nothing, because 30% of zero is still zero, even after this apology.  If you set foot in this store, an army of rednecks will probably appear to beat the shit out of you. It would be the first and probably only time my gay ass has ever personally sided with an army of rednecks.


I bet the owners of this hellhole will remember 9/11 as the day their business closed from here on out. These fucks aren’t lasting another week.

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