Amy Schumer Posts White ‘Formation’ Video, Black People Shake Their Heads and Know Equality Will Never Be Realized

Amy Schumer is known for her groundbreaking feminist show, allegedly stealing jokes and rabid denial of being plus sized, even though her humor is constantly derived from how fat she she is. Now, she releases a video to put her twist on a Beyonce classic. Why, oh, why?

While on set for her new movie with Goldie Hawn, Schumer decided to make a parody video of Beyonce’s “Formation.” Unfortunately, Schumer forgot that parody means it has to be funny or offer a satirical point of view, not to serve as an excuse to show how “sexy” and “edgy” you are.

The video features Schumer and Hawn, plus other castmates such as Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes. First of all, what is this movie? That is such an odd cast. Secondly, the video features the girls wearing dirty clothes, gyrating around, and poorly executing dance moves.

All and all, this video is baffling. This isn’t like they parodied “Crazy in Love” or another fluffy Beyonce hit. They chose her most political video. A video that aimed to speak to a black audience and not care if white people “got it.” “Formation” features imagery of poverty, struggle, and the beauty and strength of the black community. Even if that all sounds overblown, you can definitely agree that the video is gorgeous. It looks awesome!

So, what is this Amy Schumer s**t? Why are they dancing in dirty nightgowns and wearing combat vests? This video looks like dumb garbage and doesn’t comment on anything. Most infuriating, Amy is ahead of the beat. Clap on the right beat, girl!

White people, we don’t need to have everything. Amy, if you like “Formation”, great. Lip sync to it with your friends. Go to a club and dance in a miniskirt if you want attention. Write an actual sketch video to showcase all the female talent you’re getting to work with. Don’t do a video that looks like a cut scene from the Madison High School Talent Show.

I’m not alone in my opinions. People are not pleased. Sadly, many of the downvotes and negative Youtube comments are about the women being ugly or “WTF happened to Goldie Hawn” (Answer: The natural process of aging). Thank you men, for taking time about your busy masturbation schedules to call a woman over 50 and a girl within a normal BMI ‘too ugly to bone’.

Yet, the African-American backlash is strong and justified. Full disclosure, I am a white person. So, rather than add any more of my very white opinions, here’s the thoughts of @FeministaJones, writer and activist. She illustrates how the video is not a tribute, but a condescending attempt to use black culture to gain her own acceptance. Plus, her #AmySchumerGottaGoParty spawned an array of delightful GIFs.

Amy Schumer responded to the controversy by posting on Instagram stating “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Thanks for the exclusive release Tidal! We had so much fun making this tribute. All love and women inspiring each other. #strongertogether

This non-statement statement was accompanied by a glamorous picture of Amy lounging topless in a breakfast nook. Again, focusing the attention not on how people didn’t get her humor, but how she’s actually pretty hot guys, you’d totally do her.

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