Bet You Didn’t Notice This About ‘Clueless’

So I’m here to challenge you. You’ve called yourself a Clueless super fan since 1995 and you have proudly accepted your place in the cult of ‘as if!’ but still, you didn’t know everything. You thought you did but you didn’t.

And the only internationally sanctioned provocateur more dramatic than me is The Daily Mail. When some Clueless stans on twitter unearthed a weird inconsistency in the film, it was up to The Daily Mail to blow it up. Don’t know what I’m talking about?

So that was one pretty big slip up on behalf of the crew. Alicia Silverstone‘s character, which we all lovingly know as Cher Horowitz was originally called Cher Hamilton. Then at some point in production it was decided that Hamilton wasn’t peppy enough for our girl. It was simply too much to change props.

There was one more instance in the movie when Cher reaches for an envelope at home which clearly has the last name ‘Hamilton’ marked on it. Paper must have been very expensive in 1995.

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