Brad Pitt: Heartthrob Homewrecker?

So here’s a bit of disturbing news for all the ladies who fantasized about the minute possibility of having Brad Pitt’s babies: an investigation into Brad’s alleged abuse of his and Angelina’s kids has come to light, here courtesy of everyone’s favorite celebrity shaming site, TMZ.

The investigation started with the case of Brad a physical altercation with 15-year old Maddox on a plane, and now things have snowballed into uncovering multiple incidents of abuse. Sources speaking for Angelina are reporting that the children are pretty scared being around Brad, and a meeting between Brad and Maddox ended quickly because of Maddox’s reluctance to be there.

Yeah, this is pretty heavy stuff, as if the severing of “Brangelina” weren’t enough. Now we have to reconcile the idea of a hunk like Brad Pitt with being an a-hole to his and Angelina’s kids? And meanwhile, Brad’s upcoming World War II drama, Allied, in theaters November 23, is part of the backdrop to all this. Let me just say, there are not enough collars to awkwardly tug at come Oscar time to make up for how uncomfortable this sort of publicity is.

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