Charlie Sheen Wants to Bring Back ‘Wild Thing’ Ricky Vaughn for the World Series

The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series and that can only mean one thing; everyone remembers how great Major League is.

Game one of the World Series is set for sometime next week in Cleveland, and fans want to see the return of everyone’s favorite pitching bad boy: “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn.

Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to address the rumors that he would be throwing out the first pitch of game one.

If this doesn’t happen, someone on the Indians should be fired and Major League Baseball should be ashamed. No one would care about the Indians if it weren’t for Major League. The Cavaliers ruined the “first major title for Cleveland” story earlier this year and the Indians don’t have that star player that everyone knows. But everyone knows Major League. And everyone knows Ricky Vaughn.

Let Wild Thing make our hearts sing, Cleveland.

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4 years ago

Would watch more Major League movies +1 upvote for you sir

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