Chris Hansen Catches an Old Friend

It’s never a good thing when Chris Hansen asks you to take a seat. It’s even worse when you used to be friends with Chris Hansen and shared a daily commute with him.

Hansen, who is now doing his show via the internet, walked in on an old friend as he was meeting up with a 13-year old boy. The reaction the man gives is why we all fell in love with this show in the first place. You want to scare people this Halloween? Leave your vampire and ghost costumes at home. Dress up as Chris Hansen and watch grown men run.

Of course, the man denied that the boy was 13. He even had a pretty good reason.

Even though the message said “13” the man read it as “18” because he scratched his eye. This scratch gave him a rare vision problem where numbers are cut down the middle and the left side is erased. That’s how 8 becomes 3 and, uh, that’s really the only number you can do that with. As I said, it’s a very rare problem.

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