The Creepiest Mugshot Ever Returns

Carlos Rodriguez was charged with arson and attempted murder. That’s not the story. The story is that Carlos Rodriguez is missing half of his skull and takes a creepy mugshot.

In a twist only fitting in Florida, this isn’t the first time Rodriguez has been arrested or gone viral. He was arrested in 2010 for soliciting a prostitute and his mugshot went viral then. Rodriguez answers to the name “Halfy” and lost half of his skull when he hit a pole while driving, flew out of the window, and landed on his head.

NBC Miami reports that they are trying to push the trial back due to Rodriguez’ “mental issues.” You think? This guy lost half his skull from a terrible accident, was made famous on the internet after his first arrest, and tried to burn down his duplex.

Anyone who actually responds to a clearly disparaging nickname is mentally unstable. I hope Rodriguez gets the help he needs and we stop glorifying disfigured people. Unless they have balls on their chin. That’s funny.

[Image: NBC Miami via Miami-Dad Corrections]

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