Dad Prefers Teachers Ass Over His Kid’s Dancing

Some dad at a Russian nursery has gone viral because he did what any man forced to watch a nursery school performance would do. He filmed the hot teacher shaking her ass during the performance instead of the children dancing.

The father was really in a no-win situation. The children were dancing to Gangam Style. In 2016. We’re all very fortunate that this video didn’t turn into homicide footage because who the hell is still listening to Gangam Style in 2016? And the teacher’s ass was right in front of him. Given where he set-up, which was either a brilliant decision on his part or poor direction on the part of whoever told him to film from there, he was almost forced to film the ass. It could have been the ass of a 50-year-old man and I bet it would still be the star of this video.

Don’t worry, Russian Dad. This one isn’t on you. You were left with no choice.

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5 years ago

Where the hell were these teachers when I was at school…?

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