Don’t Talk To Lena Dunham If You Want To Stay Friends With J.Law

You either get too busy to be photographed with your celebrity buddy or you’re in the throes of what could become a massive feud. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s going on between Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, but rumor has it that after dozens of rich people activities, famous people appearances and some Instagrammable moments, the gal pals are on the outs.

A source shared the following with The National Enquirer:

J.Law is pissed at [Amy] for blabbing in… Lena Dunham’s online newsletter, Lenny Letter, a source told All The Buzz.

Amy told Lenny Letter readers about the insensitive text J.Law sent her following last year’s Louisiana movie theater shootings, in which two women were killed at a screening of Trainwreck.

Jennifer joked, “It’s your fault” – and now she’s livid at Amy for talking about it and making her look heartless!

Despite the positive nature in which Schumer told the story of Jennifer Lawrence’s uncanny ability to make her feel better in the worst of situations, it’s not unexpected that J.Law would catch flack for her seemingly insensitive joke. And it was Schumer who opened her up to it. Well it could be that… or J.Law could resent her new found second degree association with Lena Dunham.

This has put the nail in the coffin on that friendship.

Cuffing season and everyone’s breaking up… what do we do?

H/T Celebitchy

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