Expedia Told Woman: ‘F**k You’

If you’ve ever worked in customer service you know that this was probably just some poor soul finally snapping.

God speed, friend.

Teacher Cara Viramontes recently tried to check her Expedia travel itinerary and found that not only her reservation had been suddenly cancelled, but that a big literal “F**k You!” was included. She told CBSLA:

“Everyone I show, they laugh and think it’s a joke,” she said. “No one can believe a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this.”

It all began when Expedia charged her 8-month-old son for travel insurance, even though he was gonna be spending the whole flight on her lap and didn’t need a ticket in the first place. After her call to fix it, she filled out an online survey and talked about how shitty their customer service was. Two days later her trip was suddenly cancelled and she got the “F**k You!” email.

Customer service did nothing about it, told her it was her fault, and told her she had to pay $200 to book another flight before the news got involved. Now that Expedia is on blast, they’re looking into it, have refunded her, and offered her a $500 voucher.


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