Germany Wants Tourists to Bang Locals So Bad That the Government Made a ‘How to’ Guide

Germany just dropped $136,000 on a sex ed website dedicated to teaching tourists how to hook up with locals. Seriously.

Considering in our county some conservative grown ass politicians can’t even say the word vagina this is fucking crazy to me. It’s probably because Germans know that half of American sex ed is just about saving yourself for god or avoiding STD’s and teenagers in the sticks get pregnant without even knowing how it happened every day.

Good call, Germany.

The site Zanzu, created by the German Federal Center for Health Education, looks like this:

That’s actually really cool. Sex isn’t only a marketing tool after all. Whether you want to f**k German people or not, do everyone on earth you might bone a favor and learn something about the human body before you start tryna cram anything in anywhere. Pls.

[H/T Brobible]

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5 years ago

+1 for Isadora making it through an article without being racist or misandrist.

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