Get Ready to Hate Scions as Trump Hotels Rebrand

Now that Trump is a synonym for “absolute, piece of s**t asshole,” Trump has decided to rebrand. Somehow, “Absolute, Piece of S**t Asshole Hotels” isn’t selling well.

The Trump Organization is unveiling a new line of hotels called Scion. Scion refers to a “descendant of a notable family,” but also means “a young shoot or twig of a plant,” i.e. something that can be easily destroyed. Perhaps the name is prophetic.

Scion Hotels are being touted as basically Trump Hotels without the name that makes everyone think of a groping, tanned manchild.

Ivanka Trump, EVP of Trump Organization, is very positive about the future. “Business at Trump Hotels is stronger than ever and we are incredibly excited about the future of Scion.” But according to Fortune, hotels bookings are down 60%. Apparently, the strategy of telling boldfaced lies will continue on to the Scion brand.

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