Good Job Everyone, Bees are Officially Endangered

Federal authorities in Hawaii added seven yellow-faced bee species, which are Hawaii’s only native bees, for protection under the Endangered Species Act. This is a first for bees in the US, but probably not a last. We just can’t stop fucking everything up.

These bees are native to the islands, and pollinate plants that only exist there, meaning that, if they go, basically all of Hawaii goes. The bees face a whole lotta threats. These include invasive ants (ew), feral pigs (do they mean tourists?), fire, invasive plants, and development. Yeah. We are killing all the bees so a bunch of spoiled tourists can get their double orange mocha frappacino lattes while they pretend to travel the world and experience it.

This designation will let them get access to funding to save the bees and stop their whole ecosystem from collapsing over there, which is pretty chill.

Viva la BEES!

[H/T Newser]

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7 years ago

We’re all screwed *sigh* This is why I bought my own beehive. I wonder if everyone had their own if we’d be alright?