Grown Man and Woman Dating, Maybe – Big News for England

Proof that Britain is really trying to ignore Brexit, the Daily Mail is filled with news about Prince Harry’s possible girlfriend.

It’s rumored that Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle, known for her role on Suits, one of the many USA shows that goes on despite having no proof that any human has watched it [ed. note: Hey, I watch it!].

The Mail is riddled with middle school level proof that the two are in a budding romance. They were both seen wearing jewelry with blue, white, and black stones. And, Prince Harry follows her on Instagram! It must be love!

The Mail also goes out of it’s way to point out the actress has done some saucy work, though it seems like her most scandalous thing was a make out scene in her bra. The Mail also mentions that she is biracial, which could interrupt the flow of sickly pale Royal offspring. Certainly many monocles dropped in shock at the news.

According to friends, Prince Harry is “besotted” with the actress but wants to take it slow. Surely, he doesn’t want to ruin Suits and disappoint it’s many make believe fans.

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