Halle Berry Rode Space Mountain With WWE Legend Ric Flair

In case you didn’t know (and I definitely did not know), former WWE wrestler, Ric Flair has his very own podcast. I’m sure it even has listeners too. But for those of us who aren’t educated enough to know about all of the WWE legend’s post-retirement careers (or for those of us who don’t even know about their WWE careers), Ric Flair loves to talk sex. Flair loves to have sex. But Flair is a little stunted.

Flair doesn’t call sex. He calls sex with him a ride on space mountain. And he’s claiming Halle Berry has been to his Disney World attraction.

Interviewer: Any celebrity riders of Space Mountain?
Ric Flair: several dozen Do you want me to start with Halle Berry.
Interviewer: Oh Halle Berry rode Space Mountain?
Ric Flair: Ha Ha, of course she did. She was in Atlanta and she [had] just got divorced from Dave Justice.
Interviewer: Wait are you telling a real story right now?
Ric Flair: Would I have to make up a lie

Oh baby.

[H/T BroBible]

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