Hide Yo Women, The Pussy Posse Has Reunited

Tobey Maguire is single after splitting from Jennifer Meyer, his wife of nine years. And he’s wasting no time getting back out there.

If you’re a Hollywood star who was just freed from the shackles of marriage after nine years, who do you call to show you a good time? Pussy Posse member Leo DiCaprio, of course. Maguire might be a terrible Spider Man, but he’s pretty smart. If I could pick one wingman in the either entire world, Leo would be my top choice. This guy snaps his fingers and 10 models magically appear.

The best part about this for Maguire? Meyer seems cool with the whole thing. Said one source, “it’s not a secret — Jen knows. Jen goes out, too. These two people are the best of friends, there is no third party involved and there is no animosity.”

No wonder Maguire hasn’t come out with a good movie since The Great Gatsby (another instance where he rode the coattails of DiCaprio. Maybe Leo will put him in the new Captain Planet movie). He’s been enjoying his freedom without his ex getting jealous and trying to ruin his life.

Here’s to you, Tobey.

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