Jim Carrey Sent Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on Dead Ex’s Family

Yikes! Way to prove you aren’t a nightmare dressed like a person, Jim Carrey.

After putting on a whole show calling out both ex-gf Cathriona White’s estranged husband and mother for being tacky and gross after filing wrongful death suits against him, Jim Carrey proves to be even more tacky and gross.

They say that Carrey not only gave her the pills she used to OD, but contributed to her suicidal state by lying to her about giving her STD’s and then bullying her about it. In order to prove that he’s really a nice guy and whatever, he’s hired private detectives to try and air out their dirty laundry and make them look bad.

What a delight.

“Within the last 48 hours, two private investigators working for Carrey have been doing everything they can to come up with information for Carrey to use,” White’s family’s attorney, Michael Avenatti said in a statement.


Private investigators Larry Broadhurst and Ed Guttierez were specifically asking “questions designed to get [White’s friends] to speak badly about the grieving family,” the attorney added.

Cathriona White’s mother Brigid Sweetman said that she would even drop the suit if Carrey releases his STD test results and they prove he was clean.

Looks like Jim Carrey is the actual devil, y’all.

RIP my childhood.

  • Crusader70

    Clearly Jeremy is the sneering adolescent asshole who needs to grow up.

  • BlueSpruce

    Substitute “reassuring” with “condescending.”

  • xn0

    Well, its totally what I expect from Carrey. Always in character, always doing a perfomance. Andy Kaufman is a big idol for him, so he does the same. It looks pretty close to a nervous breakdown, but who wouldn’t be like that, when you’re publicly accused of enabling your ex-girfriends suicide. I would go insane. Just look at him. Emaciated, obviously not eating well or being sick. He needs to take himself out of the limelight, or he will become a total weirdo and headcase like Mr. Sheen.

  • Creative Guru

    Could it be a publicity stunt?

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