Jim Carrey’s Ex’s Family Says They Will Drop The Wrongful Death Suit If He Releases His STD Test Results

Ugh. So, if you didn’t know, last year Jim Carrey’s ex, Cathriona White, committed suicide by ODing on a number of different meds he got under the illegal alias ‘Arthur King.’ First they said it was tied to Scientology, than depression, and now White’s family is saying it’s Carrey’s fault for giving her the pills as well as a cocktail of STDs he lied to her about having. Her mother, Brigid Sweetman, is either blind with grief or done taking Jim Carrey’s s**t.

I am demanding they immediately release the full 2013 lab results so people can judge for themselves who is telling the truth and who is lying.”

Makes sense.

“If they publicly release and publish the full Quest Diagnostics lab report for the blood sample Carrey gave on Jan. 28, 2013 at 11:40 a.m. under the name ‘Jose Lopez’ and if it shows Carrey did not test positive for STDs, I will immediately dismiss the case and apologize.”

According to the suit, Carrey not only lied about giving her STDs, but brushed her off and tried to get her to sign off on legally being released from any liabilities in regards to their relationship when she started to show symptoms. This isn’t even the first wrongful death suit against him.

Any guy with this many aliases is definitely a shady motherfucker and I put nothing past him at this point.


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7 years ago

*puts both hands over face* How is this even a story…? Someone’s partner dies, there family goes batshit, and somehow this turns into “the people have a right to know?”